Global Resources

Global Resources

Human Resources
To achieve our corporate vision, we have developed an elite team composed of individuals with different industrial backgrounds and rich industrial experience and expertise. Team members are drawn from different industries and have extensive industry experience and professional knowledge in finance, law, accounting, business logistics, project management and marketing. Over 90% of them have a bachelor’s degree or higher, 50% a master’s degree, or higher, and over half of them have more than 5 years’ working experience.


Financial Resource
Shanghai Newway has attached great importance to cooperation with financial markets. We have established strategic cooperation with a large number of financial partners by adhering to our philosophy of long-term business partnerships and developing a mature financial management and an expert financial services team.


Based on our strategic mission of “global resources & local management”, we are committed to serving the Chinese market by innovating financial products and integrating global financial resources through our two foreign and domestic platforms.


We have established long-term strategic cooperation with financial partners, carrying out extensive cooperation in multiple sectors and creating value for them through product innovation. Our partners include policy banks, state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, commercial banks, foreign banks, trust companies, securities firms, finance companies and investment banks.


Financing products are the foundation on which we deepen our cooperation with partners. We have become a pioneer in financial innovation by introducing many innovative financial products in the leasing industry. Our products include the following: Bilateral financing、Syndicated loans、Club loans、Ship financing、Settlement limits、Trade financing、Overdraft facility、Factoring、External debt、Offshore RMB products、Interest and exchange rate tools、Bond products、ABS, etc.